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Motor Vehicle Retailers of Ontario

Previously the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association, MVRO is Ontario’s new car and truck dealers association for automobile dealers, consumers and government.

For over 115 years, our association has been leading progressive and innovative work on behalf of new car and truck dealers. Since 1908, we have been co-operating with government and our members to establish fair and uniform business practices, standards of advertising, training, and proactive programs to enhance customer service for consumers.

New Car Dealers Association

From horseless carriages to space age technology, The Motor Vehicle Dealers of Ontario began in an era when the horse and buggy ruled cobblestone streets. We’ve supported our members through over a century of boom and depression, peacetime prosperity and two world wars, and we’ve grown and changed with Canada itself. In 2012, we amalgamated with the Ontario Automobile Dealers Association to form the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association and now as mobility continues to evolve we do as well becoming the Motor Vehicle Dealers of Ontario, serving new car and truck dealers across all of Ontario.

We’ve faced issues ranging from taxation and safety to fair sales practices. Some issues, from safety to government regulation, have remained virtually the same. We are committed to creating the highest possible industry standards and championing sound consumer protection practices. Our members offer automobiles with the best of new designs, performance standards, and technology, blended with a commitment to community.

Our goal is to foster positive relationships between Ontario’s new car dealers, consumers, government, and the media, as well as provide information and services to our members on government, manufacturer, and consumer-related issues. Our representation of the retail new automotive industry focusses on legal, environmental, and consumer issues as it concerns new vehicle sales in Ontario.

Our dealer members represent all automotive manufacturer brands and franchises and are governed by our strict code of ethics. Every MVRO dealer is a member in good standing with the  OMVIC’s Consumer Services.

Driving Relationships between Ontario’s New Car Dealers, Consumers and Government

Supporting Our Communities

For more than 115 years, MVRO’s members have proudly supported a variety of community initiatives, amateur sports teams, and charitable projects in their respective localities. We invite you to learn more about us, how our members contribute to the growth of your community, and how we help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing a new vehicle.

Modern Era of New Car Dealers

The industry continues to meet consumer needs. The MVRO has remained at the forefront of lobbying for fair legislation, sound business practices, safety, and leadership in community affairs. We recently strengthened the industry’s advertising code to make all advertising more transparent to consumers. The new guidelines typify the same commitment to high industry standards first established in 1908.

The Motor Vehicle Retailers of Ontario will continue this tradition into the future to face new challenges posed by an entirely new technological era.

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