Do car buyers want to work with one person?

With dealerships going through a lot of staffing changes, there is an opportunity for stores to revaluate the roles and responsibilities of their staff members. Today we’re talking with Drew Harden, Manager, CX Research & Insights with CARFAX Canada about the potential and want for dealerships to restructure the sales and finance process to be handled by one individual. We’ll dive into what consumers think and based on the results what Drew recommends dealers do.

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Drew Harden

Manager, CX Research & Insights with CARFAX Canada

As Manager, CX Research & Insights with CARFAX Canada, and leader of it’s Driving Insights program, Drew has visited dealerships from coast-to-coast to understand the problems and opportunities facing the car business. He tackles these issues by studying car buyers and his insights are routinely featured in industry publications, conferences, and on Drew earned an M.Sc. in Marketing and Consumer Studies from the University of Guelph and is a contributor on multiple published studies related to consumer behaviour and business performance.

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