TADA Advocates for MVDA Reform; Achieves 10 Year Lobbying Goal to Eliminate College of Trades in 2021

TORONTO, ON (December 29, 2021) – The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association advanced two major legislative priorities this year that will cut red tape and address the skilled trades shortage.

In August, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services announced a formal review of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA). This marks the MVDA’s first review since it was passed in 2002. The TADA believes its time to update the Act to cut red tape and allow more choice and convenience for dealers and consumers.

“The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association applauds Minister Ross Romano’s leadership for conducting the first review of the MVDA in 20 years. We are pleased the Minister made this review a priority for his Ministry and we look forward to providing our advice on what a modernized MVDA should look like,” said Frank Notte, Director of Government Relations for TADA.

“Even before the pandemic, consumers were requesting the ability to do business offsite, away from the dealer’s fixed address. The pandemic put this issue in the spotlight, and we are hopeful the MVDA will be changed to allow dealers and consumers the choice to deal offsite if both parties agree while maintaining the no cooling off period for vehicle sales,” said Notte.

This year also saw the Building Opportunity in the Skilled Trades Act passed into law. This legislation eliminates the outdated and ineffective College of Trades and replaces it with a streamlined agency called Skilled Trades Ontario. In May, the TADA presented to the Legislative Committee studying this legislation to provide the new car dealer perspective face-to-face with MPPs. In June, the Act passed third and final reading unanimously with 57 MPPs voting in favour, and zero against.

“The passing of the Building Opportunity in the Skilled Trades Act accomplishes a 10 year-old legislative priority for Ontario new car dealers – eliminating the College of Trades,” said Notte. “We are thankful Minister Monte McNaughton has made it his mission to cut red tape, making it easier to navigate the skilled trades system and put resources toward attracting the next generation of automotive technicians.”

Other TADA highlights from 2021 include:

  • The TADA wrote to American Senate leaders asking them to reject a $12,500 electric vehicle tax credit that would only apply to American built vehicles. This would effectively place a 34 percent tariff on Ontario-made cars.
  • Advocating for increasing highway capacity to support drivers and businesses by asking the Ministry of Transportation to build:
    1. Highway 413 connecting Highway 400 to the Highway 401/407 interchange in Milton.
    2. The Mid-Peninsula Highway connecting Hamilton to the Peace Bridge Border Crossing in Fort Erie.
    3. Doubling the capacity of the Peace Bridge, and
    4. Extending Niagara’s Highway 406 to Port Colborne.

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