Career Fair Toolkit

Maximize Your Career Fair Experience

Attending a TADA Career & Information Fair is the first step in connecting your dealership to enthusiastic, qualified candidates. This toolkit will help you make the most of your experience and maximize your interactions with your potential lifelong employees.

1. Prepare

Identify your goal in attending a TADA Career & Information Fair.
Are you looking to recruit full-time employees, apprentices, part-time staff?Is the main focus on service & technical or sales & management?

Identify what sets your dealership apart from other employers in your region?
Why should you be their employer of choice? Highlight key programs, incentives & benefits of working for your dealership!

Be ready to speak about your own career path and about the “typical” steps to success within your dealership and your industry.
Identify a couple employees who can attend the Fair with you as prime examples of various steps on the success ladder.

Anticipate what could go wrong and be prepared.
Wifi might not work, extension cords may fail – be ready to put your best foot foward for your dealership regardless.

2. Your Display 

Your booth backdrop and banners are key but ultimately there to set the stage for your conversations.
Your display is important but always remember that the human element is the focus!

The visual messagign fo your display should make clear on what you do, what brand you represent & where you’re located.
Some candidates will not have done much research into the industry. As an employer, your display needs to convey your messaging loud and clear.

60% of a person’s immediate reaction is based on COLOUR and 80% of people identify blue as their favourite. 

3. Handouts & Materials 

Prepare takeaways for the attendees who visit and provide your dealership’s promotional materials – but try to keep paper to a minimum, it’s the digital age!

Consider creating a postcard-sized handout that includes your dealership/brand information, & logo, along with Facebook, Twitter, email and contact information. 

A candidates opinion of your dealership and brand will be influenced much more by conversation than by materials – BUT treats like mints, pens, or magnets help to keep you in their mind. 

4. Your Exhibitors  

Candidates & other visitors to your display will remember personality much more than visuals.
Make a strong first impression! Candidates will base their opinion of the dealership and brand on you.

A candidates opinion of your dealership and brand will be influenced much more by conversation than by materials – BUT treats like mints, pens, or magnets help to keep you in their mind. 

5. Your Presentation

Entertaining and interactive displays will have the strongest impact on candidates.

After all, you are recruiting from a generation that lives in a fast-paced, colourful and engaging multimedia world.

Demonstrations, videos and other multimedia presentations should be informative but brief.

Keep it short! You’ll begin losing people’s attention and slow traffic to your display with anything longer than 2-3 mins. Conversations are more effective.

Candidates will have questions ready for you and you should have some ready for them.

Just a few probing inquiries can help you determine a candidate’s true interest and potential fit with your organization. Questions will also help you to keep the conversation rolling.

A couple of “Question Suggestions.”

“When/Why did you first develop your interest in the automotive field? and “Where would you like to see a career in automotive take you in the future?”

Don’t quickly dismiss candidates by directing them to your social media platforms or your website – but do make sure they have that information in-hand for follow up after the day ends.

A Career & Information Fair is more like a buffet than a sit-down meal! Candidates are exploring options and you will hear from the good ones in the days ahead.

6. Following Up

Many students will take the initiative and get in touch with you after the Fair. Be sure to not disregard their messages.

Take the time to send a quick note back. Remember that even if you’re not hiring them today, they could be a future employee.

Keep your conversation and your dealership front and centre in their mind!

Some students will bring personal business cards, providing their contact information, Twitter handle, etc. Take time to thank them with a quick message or tweet when you’re back in the office.

TADA Career & Information Fairs are designed to provide our dealer members with direct access to potential candidates seeking lifelong careers in the automotive industry. These fairs are your opportunity to promote your dealership as an employer of choice for these candidates!

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