We are excited to welcome BMO and their New to Canada Program as an exclusive partner into our International Technicians & Trade recruitment program. With the New to Canada program, the candidates joining your team will have even more support in transitioning to their new Canadian life. To learn more about the BMO New to Canada program please click here.

The Initiative

To address the shortage of qualified skilled workers entering the automotive service technicians and body shop technician fields in Ontario, the MVRO is working to assist our dealer members by undertaking an international recruitment initiative in collaboration with a Canadian organization that specializes in international hiring: JobGo Solutions.

JobGo Solutions 

JobGo Solutions founder Rachel Bacon has experience recruiting from 8 different countries, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Phillippines, Morocco, Tunisia, France, and Mexico. Since 2015 she has brought over 321 workers in total for several different companies, including Carstar, NAPA autopro, ProColor, Fix Auto, Carrxpert, Levage RB, Olymel and Globocam.

The Needs & Benefits

This initiative has had great success for members of the CCAQ in Quebec. Addressing the shortage of qualified automotive technicians and autobody technicians is imperative for the continued success of the industry in both provinces.

The Details

Each newcomer employee will immigrate on a 2-year workpermit

Employee’s permanent residency or citizenship process after arrival is not the responsibility of the dealership or MVRO

Focus is: Automotive Technicians and Body Shop Technicians

Brand/Provincial qualifications will be required upon arrival

The Recruitement Process

  • Candidates apply in home country 
  • JobGo Solutions conducts resume review, background check, phone interview, on site practical exams with MVRO. 
  • Candidates full medical is conducted as required by Canadian immigration.
  • All required paperwork will be completed and submitted as part of your support package. 

The Interview Process

Candidates are interviewed and undergo practical skills testing in their home country

Interview/testing conducted by JobGo with a MVRO observer and a Dealership technician

Interview/testing is recorded on video with Canadian technicians observing the process on behalf of and with MVRO

The Selection Process

The participating MVRO dealership is sent videos for review

The Dealership will select their top choices for consideration

The Immigration Process

JobGo manages the complete immigration and legal process on behalf of the candidate and the dealership turnkey view

The Dealership’s Commitment

A fully detailed Guidebook and Integration Toolkit will be provided to each participating Dealer employer by the MVRO.

For more information please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries are being considered under this initiative?

We will be focusing recruitment efforts in the Philippines.

What happens the first few months after the employee arrives in Canada?

JobGo offers a “guarantee,” on each newcomer employee for the first 3 (three) months. The dealership employer will be responsible for all Health & Safety training and enforcement. The dealership employer treats and managers this newcomer employee as any other Canadian candidate.

Health benefits for newcomer employee

The dealership is responsible to fully insure newcomer employee for the first 3 months (historically most organizations have used Blue Cross). After the 3 month period, the employee will qualify for provincial medical insurance (OHIP).

Arriving in Canada

The employer dealership is responsible for providing a positive and welcoming experience at the airport for the newcomer employee and assisting them in assimilating into their new work and community environment.