Introducing Cox Automotive’s Black Employee Network

In this episode of TADA Talks Cox Auto Canada President Maria Soklis and TADA Exec. Director Todd Bourgon discuss the great new program Cox Automotive has introduced – the Black Employee Network and discuss how businesses in the automotive world can begin their own diversity initiatives.


From the Cox Automotive Website:

About the Black Employee Network (BEN)

Inspired by the organization’s Women With Drive (WWD) ERG and developed early last year, the Black Employee Network is a Cox Automotive Canada ERG for any team member interested in better understanding and combatting anti-black and systemic racism. Through its three pillars of EducationCelebration and Inspiration, BEN will provide a safe and positive environment to discuss ideas and thoughts around inclusion and equality, and to play an active role in creating a better and more inclusive workplace and society for future generations. With its structure and goals now in place, more than 50 team members are already contributing to BEN’s efforts with several initiatives launching in the coming months. While Cox Automotive Canada is extremely proud of these efforts, the organization and its leaders realize that there is still much to be done where it relates to overall inclusivity, and encourages all Canadians to drive positive change in their own way, however big or small.



TADA Talks with

Maria Soklis

 President / Présidente
Cox Automotive Canada & Brazil 

With almost 25 years of automotive industry experience in a wide variety of roles in 3 countries, Maria Soklis is the President of Cox Automotive Canada & Brazil. 

Since being named President of Cox Automotive Canada in 2015, Maria has successfully led the organization to become one of Cox Automotive’s leading international markets and has significantly grown the business through the development and execution of its national business strategy and operations. While the business began with only the Manheim operation, Maria has been guiding the integration of 12 more brands, including NextGear Capital, Dealertrack,, Kelley Blue Book, Ready Logistics and others to help support a connected automotive ecosystem building transparency, efficiency and digitization for customers looking to thrive during times of significant transformation in the industry. Maria has also recently overseen the introduction of the Dealertrack organization in Brazil and is now leading the team responsible for building the Cox Automotive brand in this market. 

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