TADA Talks with Mental Health First Aid Expert, Penny MacLean about how the pandemic has ultimately changed the role of leadership in the dealership, the importance of ending the stigma around mental health, open conversations and how building a foundation of trust can help with early intervention.  Two sides of the same coin whether for moral or fiscal reasons protecting and advocating for employee mental health is extremely beneficial. 


TADA Talks with

Penny Maclean

Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Amongst Penny Maclean’s passions, social justice ranks at the top. With a career spanning more decades than she cares to admit, her boots are firmly on the ground working with vulnerable populations, many of whom are experiencing a variety of mental health problems.

As an experienced and highly sought-after Mental Health First Aid instructor, Penny is instrumental in effecting meaningful and positive change for people living with mental health problems along with supporting those in positions to assist.

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