Personal branding propels success for Holly Leveque

In the fiercely competitive world of retail auto sales, standing out amidst a sea of salespeople is no easy feat. But for Holly Leveque, the newly appointed Sales Manager at Southbank Dodge and the first female to hold such a position at the store since its establishment in 1974, differentiation comes through the power of personal branding coupled with an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. Recently, we caught up with Holly to delve into the strategies behind her remarkable success story.

Q) How long have you been in the retail car business, and what drew you to the industry?

A) I’ve had the privilege of being part of the automotive industry for the past six years. It’s been an incredibly fulfilling journey, merging my passion for cars with my dedication to providing unparalleled customer service. I’ve always been drawn to automobiles, so joining the auto industry felt like a natural progression for me.

Q) You’ve cultivated a strong personal brand as an automotive sales consultant. Why was it essential for you to establish this brand?

A) Creating a strong personal brand has been vital for me, not only to distinguish myself in a predominantly male-dominated industry but also to inspire and empower other women looking to carve their path in the automotive sector. Utilizing social media platforms as a tool for influence has played a significant role in showcasing my expertise and attracting potential clients.

Q) How would you define your personal brand?

A) My personal brand revolves around my identity as a confident and knowledgeable female automotive sales manager. I leverage various social media platforms, including TikTok and YouTube, to share engaging content such as car walk-around videos and offer virtual car buying experiences. These strategies enable me to reach a wider audience and establish credibility as a trusted authority in the industry.

Q) Which social media platforms do you utilize for your messaging?

A) I utilize platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to connect with my audience and share insights. These platforms have proven effective in showcasing my personality, engaging with followers, and attracting potential clients. TikTok, in particular, has been instrumental in reaching a younger demographic and fostering relatable connections.

Q) How much time do you dedicate to maintaining your personal brand?

A) Maintaining my personal brand and social media presence demands consistent effort. I devote time to creating and sharing valuable content, interacting with comments and messages, and staying abreast of industry trends and developments. It’s a daily commitment, but one that has been pivotal in expanding my influence and driving business growth.

Q) Apart from social media, do you employ other strategies to enhance your personal brand?

A) In addition to social media, I engage in various strategies such as networking at industry events, collaborating with fellow influencers, offering mentorship programs, and participating in community initiatives related to the automotive sector. These endeavors have helped broaden my reach and establish credibility within the industry.

Q) What has been the most challenging aspect of building your personal brand?

A) Overcoming stereotypes and biases associated with being a female in car sales has been the most challenging aspect. It has required resilience, determination, and consistently demonstrating my expertise and capabilities to earn the respect and trust of my peers and clients.

Q) On the flip side, what has been the most rewarding?

A) The most rewarding aspect has been the opportunity to inspire and empower other women aspiring to enter the automotive industry. Through my social media presence, I’ve received messages from women who feel encouraged to pursue their passions and break barriers. Making a positive impact in this manner is incredibly fulfilling.

Q) What advice would you offer to those looking to create a personal brand but unsure of where to begin?

A) My advice would be to leverage social media platforms and embrace your unique qualities and experiences. Share your knowledge, showcase your personality, and provide value to your audience. Whether it’s through TikTok videos, YouTube walkthroughs, or virtual experiences, consistency, authenticity, and adaptability to new platforms and trends are key ingredients for building a successful personal brand.

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