Consumer Behaviour Insights & Economic Forecast

A deep dive into data and consumer trends with Director of Marketing Intelligence at TRADER Corporation, Baris Akyurek. We talk about how previous global economic disruptors have impacted consumer behaviour and forecast how the COVID-19 pandemic will steer buying decisions.

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Baris Akyurek Tada talks

Baris Akyurek

Director, Marketing Intelligence, TRADER Corporation

As Director of Marketing Intelligence at TRADER Corporation, Baris’ core responsibility is to understand the drivers of the Canadian automotive market and their impact on the marketplace, to provide insights to the business for strategic decision making and long-term planning. Baris has spent more than a decade in analytics, leading both technical and data analytics teams to drive business value. He is also instrumental in gathering relevant industry data and sharing them with consumers to help them make more informed decisions when purchasing a vehicle. 

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